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"That's Why I Love Minecraft"

Written by Tony Walsh & Illustrated by Adam Clarke
A 32-page beautifully illustrated poem that celebrates the wonder and creativity that makes Minecraft much more than just a game...!

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Released 10th November 2018

That's Why I Love Minecraft! 
Video created by Adam Clarke
Written & performed by Tony Walsh


For delivery within the UK
£ 12.40
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  • 32 pages
  • Paperback
  • full colour illustrated


For Delivery within Europe
£ 14.35
This price includes shipping within Europe
  • 32 pages
  • Paperback
  • full colour illustrated


For Delivery within the Rest of the World
£ 15.65
This price includes shipping Worldwide
  • 32 pages
  • Unlimited users
  • full colour illustrated

Every story needs a reader

Find out what some of our readers have said about our tales...

“It sums up beautifully what every Minecraft player feels and what anyone who is yet to play can never fully understand.

“Why I Love This BOOK! -- Tony Walsh and Adam Clarke capture the essence of imagination through poetry and inspiring in-game art, tapping right into the wonder that is Minecraft. It's no surprise that I wanted to jump right into game while reading!”

“From Gaming to Education, Plays to Poetry and now wonderful art creations..... This book provides a wonderful insight into how Minecraft is so much more than a game.”

“I absolutely love the positivity of "That’s Why I Love Minecraft!". The poem perfectly describes the feeling that every player experiences as they build and explore their own personal world more and more, and the illustrations perfectly capture just how grand and magical those worlds can become.”

“A beautiful meeting of the intellectual and the inquisitive mind. Capturing the essence of teaching literacy through the power of play.”

“"OMG, I love this! Sometimes, I get wrapped up in manipulating gameplay and totally forget that it can be stunningly beautiful in the hands of artists and visionaries..." ”

“..A fantastically unique poetry book for children, Walsh brings the love of Minecraft to life with his easy-to-read rhymes alongside colourful and fun artwork from Clarke. And, if you’re a parent who fails to understand the draw of Minecraft, this book might even teach you a thing or two as well!”

“A brilliant book for reluctant readers who love Minecraft and will be drawn into this favourite of worlds by the familiar illustration and soothing rhymes - a real gem!”

“A book that will entice any Minecraft fan off their computer to read words on a page. Fantastic Minecraft images enhance Tony Walsh’s gripping poetry. Digital media meets traditional literacy - a winning formula” 

“Minecrafters will love the book as it puts into words how they feel, and they'll understand and appreciate how much work went into it.”

“Every parent or teacher who's heard of minecraft but doubts it has any "use", needs to read this. Play is essential, and this shows what happens when you play in a world you create.”

“You are the reason I stopped freaking out about my kids playing Minecraft!”


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