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Spells & Sorcery

Other creative productions & collaborations from Adam Clarke and Vik Bennett

The Nine Stories

Bernheim Artist Residency 2016

Family-Artists in Residence, using poetry, art, and Minecraft to respond to the unique natural environment of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Kentucky, USA.


Artist Residency 2018

Using VR - AR and Poetry in response to the narratives within the natural and made landscape. Supported by the a-n artist bursary scheme 2018.

Create Hub

 Industry Experts

We write regular articles for Create Hub - a news site which covers the use of technology in the art, creative and cultural industries.

Open The Door

Minecraft - Music (2016) 

A Minecraft-music video, created in collaboration with The Bookshop Band, and inspired by the bestselling novel "A Boy Made of Blocks" by Keith Stuart

The Common People

Creative Producer (2007 - ongoing)

Innovative digital producer, using technology and gaming to inspire and delight. Specialising in Minecraft-based commissions in heritage, learning and the arts. Global speaker on Minecraft as a tool for engagement and arts practice.

Invisible Orchard

Digital Journeys  

Part studio practice, part free-thinking headspace, The Invisible Orchard is a space where we experiment with traditional arts, literature, and technology. 

"A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible" (Welsh Proverb)

My Mother's House

Exploring loss through gaming (2015)

My Mother’s House is a unique playable Minecraft poem about the personal experience of terminal illness, cancer and death, exploring the memories we carry with us when we say goodbye to those we love. Supported by a Writing Platform Bursary Award 2015.

What We Now Know

VR - Music Short Film (2018)

A VR music film inspired by the poems within the #MeToo - A Women's Poetry Anthology, and created in collaboration with Beth Porter and The Bookshop Band (please note this video contains some adult themes).

Invisible Orchard Studio

A Family Digital Arts Studio (2013 - 2018)

A family-focused studio space dedicated to providing opportunity for play, creativity, and learning through traditional arts, gaming, and digital technology.

Wild Women Press

Activism through poetry & creative opportunity 1999 - ongoing

A grassroots, DIY-Ethic women-focused small poetry press and creative enterprise. Founded in 1999 by Vik Bennett and howling loudly ever since.

Wandering Wizards

Official Minecraft Marketplace Game Developers

Wandering Wizards (AKA Adam Clarke, Johann Kruger, Stephen Reid) is a group of nomadic, digital creatives, moving from one wildly imaginative projectscape to the next, using Minecraft and other digital tools to develop pioneering and engaging gaming and learning experiences across the arts, culture, education and heritage.


Educational Minecraft Show starring Stampy and Wizard Keen (AKA Adam Clarke) 

Wonder Quest is an edutainment children’s web series from Disney’s Maker Studios. Created by Joseph Garrett (Stampy Cat) and featuring Wizard Keen (Adam Clarke). The series is scripted by Patrick Muhlberger, Ryan Burns, and Jospeh Garrett and produced by Muhlberger. The Minecraft educational content was initially developed by Adam Clarke.

A few words from others...

“My Mother’s House is the most moving poem I’ve ever played.”

“ The Wizard (AKA Adam Clarke) teaches people how to experience art, culture and politics like never before. Through the creation of some of the most innovative Minecraft maps out there, the artist and digital producer proves video games are the perfect tool to educate about empathy and solve societal problems.”

“Follow @thecommonpeople for some of the nuttiest Minecraft content!”