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The Wizard and The Wyld
A Family Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Adam and a girl called Vik. They fell in love and started off together on the very big adventure called Life.  They travelled far and wide, discovering and sharing new stories along the way. Along the way, their adventure welcomed a new traveller by the name of Django Moses. Together, they told stories and explored new magical spaces, and from this amazing journey,
The Wizard & The Wyld was born...

The Wizard and The Wyld is a family venture involving Vik Bennett (VikBeeWyld), Adam Clarke (The Wizard), and their son, Django (Django_Moses). Together, they are the creative team behind some of the most ground-breaking Minecraft projects to date, and have worked on numerous arts projects in poetry, VR, and community engagement. With over twenty-five years of experience working collaboratively as creative producers, cultural activists, educators, and artists, Adam & Vik bring together their experiences, skills, and intentions, and combine it with the wonder of Django's imagination, to create inspiring narrative spaces filled with possibilities.

Together, they are free-ranging through life, discovering new worlds and creating magical adventures through poetry, stories, games, and digital technology.