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Wizard & Wyld Tales

Founded 2018.

Wizard & Wyld Tales is our own imprint, dedicated to creating tales to inspire and delight...

Books are brilliant spaces to lose yourself in the magic. We love creating books that will delight and inspire your imagination. Like everything we do, we do this as a family. We print short print runs, created at home, printed locally, and supported by some amazing artists and designers. And as with all our projects, every book is an act of love, made to bring joy into the worlds of those who read them.

As well as creating books, we love to make magic in Minecraft and more. The Wizard and The Wyld YouTube Channel brings you all our latest magical adventures and bedtime stories, as well as news, live-streams, and vlogs from our journeys.

By buying a book, or subscribing to our channel, you are supporting the continued creative adventure of The Wizard and The Wyld, and helping to grow a grassroots, homegrown enterprise. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we love making them. Thank you!

That's Why I Love Minecraft!

Written by Tony Walsh and Illustrated by Adam Clarke

Written by Tony Walsh, one of the UK's best loved poets, and illustrated by internationally acclaimed Minecraft creator, Adam "Wizard Keen" Clarke. An inspiring combination of wonderful poetry and in-game illustration, this book is perfect for young (and older) gamers alike, celebrating the passion, creativity, and joy of players and showing how, in the hands of the young, a game can change the world!

32 page full-colour illustrated picture book poem - 235mm x 235mm

"This book sums up beautifully what every Minecraft player feels and what anyone who is yet to play can never fully understand."  
Joseph Garrett - Stampylongnose

The Adventures of Puffin Island

Written by Vik Bennett and Illustrated by Adam Clarke

Follow the adventures of Puffin Island in a series of illustrated stories and animations, featuring all our favourite inhabitants.
(Inspired by the Puffin Island Map, created by Wandering Wizards).

The Wizard and The Wyld YouTube

The online adventures of The Wizard & The Wyld 

This is where we will feature all our magical animated adventures and other bedtime stories, as well as give access to our live-streams, vlogs, and latest news.

Some words about our books...

“It sums up beautifully what every Minecraft player feels and what anyone who is yet to play can never fully understand.

"Why I Love This BOOK! -- Tony Walsh and Adam Clarke capture the essence of imagination through poetry and inspiring in-game art, tapping right into the wonder that is Minecraft. It's no surprise that I wanted to jump right into game while reading! Thank you Wizard & Wyld for creating this masterpiece”

“From Gaming to Education, Plays to Poetry and now wonderful art creations..... This book provides a wonderful insight into how Minecraft is so much more than a game.” 

“A beautiful meeting of the intellectual and the inquisitive mind. Capturing the essence of teaching literacy through the power of play."

“OMG, I love this! Sometimes, I get wrapped up in manipulating gameplay and totally forget that it can be stunningly beautiful in the hands of artists and visionaries...”

“I absolutely love the positivity of "That’s Why I Love Minecraft!". The poem perfectly describes the feeling that every player experiences as they build and explore their own personal world more and more, and the illustrations perfectly capture just how grand and magical those worlds can become.”